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As an online business owner, keyword stuffing is no longer the best option when it comes to ranking on the biggest search engines. Google and other sites not only penalize companies for this, they will also lower a sites rank if this is the practice they have taken in developing their online site. Google has so many algorithms that it looks at, when ranking a site for SEO, and their target keywords. Because of this, online business owners that do not have experience in SEO, really do not know how to keep up with these changes, and how to outrank the competition. The simple solution to the problem – hire the best SEO companies in Houston, Texas to help bolster your site’s credibility, and help outrank the competition.

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seo companies houstonA strategy built for you

Each business has a different focus, and a different audience. Some companies sell clothing, others offer cleaning services. Some service providers are based online, others also want to rank locally in the Houston market. Regardless of the type of business you run, or where you operate, the top SEO companies Houston will develop a strategy that works for your site and business, and helps you outrank the competition.

From developing a plan to target the right keywords and phrases, to using the right tools to reach out to your audience, top SEO professionals will do it all. Setting up your social media plan, email marketing campaign, online marketing, video marketing, Google maps, and all the online and local ranking tools that are needed, to help develop your site, and help you rank for the terms you want to target.

Stay local

As a Houston based company, you want your site to not only rank on the global sector, but also to rank on Google maps, and other local map services. When you are working with SEO companies Houston firm that specializes in optimization, they will focus on this aspect of building your site as well. Your business has to be seen on the local maps, otherwise you are going to lose customers to your competition. Regardless of the type of small business you run, the right keywords, and local features on your page, will help create more of a buzz to your business, and help visitors find you when they are shopping for the products you sell, or looking for services your company offers.


Today, one of the most important things when it comes to ranking on Google and other search engines, is having backlinks on your site, from credible sources. It is not how many you have, but where they come from. The best SEO companies Houston will know this, and will build your site to gain these invaluable links. Not only from companies that are in the same industry as you are, but also from your site visitors. On their blog pages, social media links, and any other baklink that adds value to your page, will benefit your site. When you are working with a top SEO team, the content on your site will be credible and provide value to your visitors, in turn, receive the backlinks to help you in the SEO ranks.

best seo companies houstonConversion

A good looking site, and strong SEO content is one thing; but, as a business owner, you want to convert the site visitor, to a repeat customer. The best SEO companies Houston will know how to do this. From creating the right viral video campaign, to using the external site links, adding social media content, and adding a strong marketing approach, all of this will help convert the visitor to a customer.

Your site has to appeal to your visitor on a personal level. This means it has to tell a story, provide them a reason to return, and give them something of value. If you do not know how to do this on your own when developing your site, your SEO team should. For this reason, the small business owner has to turn to the right team, in order to ensure they will get this story across, provide the value, and showcase the best product lines, so your visitor comes back.

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Online shopping cart & saving items

One thing that customers like, is the ability to save their favorite items in a shopping cart. If you run an e commerce site, this is crucial. Not only will this let the customer visit your site, and save the items they like, it will also allow them to save and purchase at a later date. Having a shopping cart on your site, with secure checkout, is critical if you want to convert sales. You want to work with an SEO team that will develop a simple to use shopping cart feature, allow visitors to save items for the future, and a secure site, so the customer feels they are protected, when the time comes to purchase.

The right marketing

For some small businesses, an email marketing campaign might work best, for others, creating video marketing ads will get the message across. The best SEO companies in Houston, Texas will know what to use, and which techniques are right for your site, to help increase your site ranks, and help convert the visitors to repeat customers. It is important to add marketing to your online site building strategy; when you are working with the best company to develop this, as well as the SEO content for your page, it is going to help differentiate your business, and will help you reach a broader audience base.

Keyword and phrase selection

The best SEO companies will know what to choose, in order for your site to rank. For any company to thrive, it has to rank on the first couple of pages on Google. When you are working with SEO professionals to build your site, they will do the research to determine which keywords and phrases will help your business outrank your competitors. The team will also know how proper keyword placement is essential, and overuse will cause your site to drop in ranks. The best people in the industry will know how often, how much, and which words and phrases to use, in order to result in the highest ranks possible, for your small business.

seo companies houston firmSEO is not enough

With the new algorithms on Google, keyword optimizing is no longer enough; and, many businesses have been punished for simply flooding their site with keywords that relate to their business. When you are working with a well known, and top performing SEO company, they will be aware of this. Some additional work has to be done for your site, in order to help it rank. Some of the features that should be considered include:

  • Quality backlinks from top companies in your industry, as well as your site visitors should be present on other pages.
  • Quality content is king. Resonating content, the use of infographics, email marketing. All of this is important to help your site out rank the competition.
  • Social media is a must. Even if you are dealing with an older audience, social media is everywhere, and search engines are looking for it. Your site must be present through social media marketing, consulting, and properly managed social media ads and campaigns.
  • Mobile design is critical. Your site has to work on all mobile devices, and should load quickly, regardless of the platform.

These bits and pieces are just as important, if not more important, to your rank on Google and top search engines. Your SEO team has to know this, and has to know how to integrate everything, to help your site rank up as high as possible.

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Your audience

You can have the best site out there, creative content, strong backlinks, and strong social content; but, if you are not targeting the right audience, what does it matter? The best SEO companies in Houston, Texas will work to ensure they are targeting the right audience. Not only the right online audience, but also through the use of Google maps and other local optimization tools, your local audience.

From sending out social media messages for a local sale, to informing customers of the new product line that is going to come out in a few weeks, great SEO professionals will reach out to the right people, using the right mediums. When you are building the site, content is critical, but creating content that reaches your target, niche audience, is just as important as the quality and the design of the page that you are putting together.

Make it mobile

More and more people are using tablets, smart phones, and mobile devices today, to reach online businesses, and search for local businesses. In order for your site to rank up high in SEO for the local market, your site has to be mobile. Your business should have a site developed specifically for mobile users. Most visitors will not wait more than a few seconds for the page to load; this means if you do not have a mobile site developed, you can lose a customer before they ever get to see what you offer.

Mobile sites not only give customers the ability to see what you offer, regardless of where they are, it also allows you to convert sales at any time. For example, if you are holding an online only sale, customers can access your site via their smart phone when they are on the go. Using online bar code scanners they can purchase, and it is possible that they may also purchase other products while on the site. Or, if you have a small local shop, if your customer does not know where it is, your mobile site can help them find it. Using Google maps and other online mapping and GPS tools, they can easily find the site, and visit to make a purchase. Without your mobile site working properly, you are losing a huge opportunity to convert a customer, to draw in new customers, and to possibly bring people in to your stores, if they are in the local neighborhood.

local seo companies houstonPut it all together

SEO is so much more complex today, than it was a few years ago. Even in the past few months, new algorithms are constantly added, due to the changes in searches. Customers are now using long ended searches, and long ended keywords, so new changes are being added to the world of SEO on a regular basis. If your site does not conform to these changes, while providing the highest quality content, you are going to drop in rankings, you are going to miss out on certain customers, and you can even lose the current customer base that has been loyal to your business for so long.

When it comes to developing the best site, SEO has to come together with great marketing (online and print), it has to come together with local marketing tools, and it has to reach out to the right audience. As a business owner, it is highly likely that you do not have the time, resources, and most likely do not have the required knowledge to develop a site that would keep up with these constant changes. For this reason, it is best to turn to the companies who can, and to work with those who are well aware of the most current changes and updates in the world of SEO and online marketing.

It does not matter what type of business you run. When you have the right tools in place, and when your site is properly optimized, it is going to help convert those visitors to customers, and it is going to help convert the possible purchases, into repeat business. Not only is it in your best interest to hire a team to help you build your site and online content, it is a good idea to find the best SEO companies in Houston, Texas, so they can do online optimization, as well as local optimization, to help your local shop as well as online site.

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